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An Ex Pat´s Life On A Rock In The Atlantic by Sue Havenhand

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Diving In Tenerife Part Two

May 20, 2010

Again, written in collaboration with Sol Scuba http://www.solscuba.com Dive Sites in Tenerife The dive site known as Palm Mar Cave is another superb site, well worth fitting into your dive schedule! It is situated just off the small community of Palm Mar, located in the south of Tenerife. This boat dive has a maximum depth of 32 […]

Just A Bit About Me

December 31, 2009

Originally from Pontefract, West Yorkshire, I made the move to Tenerife in September 1997, and found plenty of work singing in the many bars and restaurants in the south of the island. Thirteen years later, Tenerife is a different place in many ways, some good, some not so, and indeed, I myself have a completely […]