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An Ex Pat´s Life On A Rock In The Atlantic by Sue Havenhand

Rock Story – Tenerifes Newest Night Excursion

Rock Story opened its doors only a few weeks ago after endless auditions and rehearsals which have clearly paid off. This show is stunning and just so professional – its hard to believe it is here in little old Tenerife.

In three parts, we begin with an Abba extravaganza, in tribute to the highly successful musical and film Mamma Mia. The vocals are tight and choreography wonderful, but what this sets this Abba show apart from countless others is the addition of a four piece band and four amazing dancers. The stage set is full of colour and so visual – and of course the songs stand up for themselves. A nice touch is one of the girls playing live piano for The Winner Takes It all. Some 40 minutes later the Abba section draws to a close, and after a short interval its on with part two – The Pink Wall.

I have to confess this is my favourite section of the show. What I didn’t expect was a light show to rival any major UK venue – those expecting a Pink Floydesque display will not be disappointed – it is fantastic. I didn’t know I liked Pink Floyd until I saw the “Pulse” concert on video. I became a fan over night, and Comfortably Numb is in my Top 10 of guitar solos – ever. For that reason I took some footage on my iPhone which has not come out too bad, take a look.

All in all, an outstanding 40 minute set which showcases the talents of these four guys extremely well. As if that wasn’t enough, we have a contortionist / acrobat swinging from the ceiling adding to the visuals. I could write forever, but seeing is believing – and this show has to be seen to be believed. Another high spot is the amazing vocal solo of Hayley Butler in The Great Gig In the Sky – go girl!! The €25 entrance fee is worth it for this section of the show alone, however after another short break we return for the finale – a tribute to the late great Freddie Mercury and Queen.

Marc Quee is no stranger to being Freddie having done the show in the bars some 12 years ago – and his experience shows. Riding a Harley through the audience and onto the stage is some entrance, and again, the band do not disappoint, with the crowd pleaser’s coming one after the other. Again we have the lovely Hayley dueting on Barcelona – a great job.

In conclusion this really is a good night out and is sure to be a hit with a wide cross-section of tourists from all sections of the globe. Dont take my word for it though, get your tickets in one of the many excursion shops on the Island, and get along to Exit Palace to experience it for yourselves.


4 Responses to “Rock Story – Tenerifes Newest Night Excursion”

  1. I can’t agree more! Fantastic show, very professional, highly enjoyable! Proud of Tenerife for producing such high quality entertainment shows!

  2. I could not write anything else, absolutely perfect, perfect, perfect
    i did see it now several times, but every time I go, I am amazed

  3. The highest compliments to all the team. Outstanding Production, Ultimate Lighting and Lazer Presentation , Top Class Musicians, Eric Viana you must be a very proud Man.

  4. Excellent show, the whole cast are superb, a credit to Viana shows,well worth every cent of the entrance fee, i will be going again soon.

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