Tenerife Tales
An Ex Pat´s Life On A Rock In The Atlantic by Sue Havenhand

Please Bring Our People Back!!

I have been a worried bunny this week, in fact, I still am. As I write Tenerife is just about empty of holiday makers – not good for an economy completely reliant on tourism. No one has flown in of course for almost a week, and now the priority, quite rightly, is to get the stranded out of the Canaries as soon as possible.

It has been a roller coaster ride, with the possibility of light at the end of the tunnel on Monday evening, only to be taken away on Tuesday morning as the volcano emissions worsened over night. Tuesday was a grim day. I saw a Monarch plane depart, taking stranded holiday makers to the mainland to be sent by coach to northern Europe and presumably Eurostar. I felt a sense of abandonment, and wondered how many days it would take until Tenerife was a resident only island. By Tuesday night of course the light at the end of tunnel reappeared as UK airports reopened and things started to get back to normal.

It will take a while though. Many UK flights have arrived here this morning, I can see them from my window, but seemingly they are empty and are merely repatriation flights. April and May are naturally quiet times as it is, add to that the global recession which is showing no signs of abating here, and now the fact that there are, quite literally no holiday makers here, I fear an extremely lean few weeks are on the cards. Indeed, the effects are already being felt, with many bars and restaurants virtually empty, and the few clients they have spending very limited funds.

I can´t help but worry about the long-term implications of all this. Will people now avoid Tenerife in the future because we have our very own dormant volcano here? Sounds silly, but  people can be irrational. I hope not.

On a more positive note, I see that flights are available from the UK to Tenerife from tomorrow, Thursday the 22nd April, so lets hope that we will not be alone after all. Fingers crossed.


6 Responses to “Please Bring Our People Back!!”

  1. I do hope the people who have been stranded get home very soon and more people can come out. Flights might now be available but could the same thing happen before they are due to return. The dust has not disappeared just moved and the volcano is still erupting i think

    • We can only hope that things settle down soon, its a massive worry for businesses and workers here, who are having it hard as it is 😦

      • Hi,Sue, we are a bit concerned about what we will find when we get there in Nov,we look forwards to seeing a lot of friends there.
        With as you say the loss of jobs & the state of the country it dosen`t look too good,but, then again if we are lucky we might have a change of government that might be a bit better (keep your`e fingers crossed ) at thinking about the people that put them there??? Anyway we hope to keep comming to the Island for a long time yet. Lets hope the people in the Islands can hang on for a while longer. BFN.

  2. I think people love Tenerife so much that things will pick up again quickly. i have had 2 enquiries for my villa today, suggesting people were just waiting for flights to resume. I hope so anyway.

  3. It is terrible for all the people who have been stranded and my heart goes out to all of them,but think that people are more resilient than you might think.There will always be people who worry about the negative stuff but I recon the majority will get on with it.Stiff upper lip and all that.Cheers.

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