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Cheryl Cole – A Reversal Of Fortunes?

Is anyone else getting just a little bit fed up of seeing Cheryl Cole´s miserable face plastered all over the media?? OK, sympathies for her landing a rather inept excuse for a husband (albeit a rich and handsome one) but am I the only one thinking she might be milking it slightly? Let´s face it, all things being equal she has been a lucky girl, and has made a bit of talent go an awful long way. That of course, and the size zero body and doll like face which caught the eye of Simon Cowell thus ensuring greater mega stardom as an X Factor judge. That itself is a joke, given that most of the finalists can usually sing her off the stage.


Odd isnt it, how spur of the moment decisions can completely reshape our lives. Despite performing in a large number of modelling and fashion shows throughout her childhood, and appearing in several advertisement campaigns, the then Ms Tweedy was working as a waitress when she entered the talent show Popstars the Rivals in 2002. In the final show she received the highest number of votes in the poll which chose the girls for the all female group Girls Aloud, and was first to be picked for the group. So begins a rapid rise to stardom, celebrity status and designer threads.

Fast forward to January 2003 when her true colours broke free of their restraints and she clobbered nightclub toilet attendant in an alledged racially aggravated assault. Claiming she had acted in self defence (have you ever been attacked by a toilet cleaner – would this not be a nuisance to the proprieters?), and denying using racially abusive language, cut no ice with the jury and she was sentenced to 120 hours community service and had to pay Ms Amogbokpa £500 as well as £3000 prosecution costs. Ouch!

Even before marrying Ashley, she won the title of “Sexiest Footballers Wife” in FHM´s Bloke Awards, and as Cole´s fianceé she was a prominent WAG in Germany during the 2006 World Cup.

They eventually married later in 2006 in a blaze of publicity, her in a £110,000 Roberto Cavalli frock and the whole shebang financed by OK! Magazine. And now its all gone Pete Tong. It would appear Ashley has difficulty keeping his todger in his designer pants, and Cheryl, as I write is staying well away, practising her Liz (havent I been hard done by) Hurley tragic expressions. Judging by the queue of desperate wanabee WAGs lining up to say they too have been in the sack with Señor Cole, it would appear he is not that picky, SO, where I am going with this is :- had Cheryl stayed as a waitress she would probably not have become Mrs Cole, BUT, she may well have been his bit on the side.

Talk about turn a different corner.



2 Responses to “Cheryl Cole – A Reversal Of Fortunes?”

  1. I’ve been looking around suehavenhand.wordpress.com and really am impressed by the amazing content here. I work the nightshift at my job and it is so boring. I have been coming right here for the past couple nights and reading. I simply wanted to let you know that I’ve been enjoying what I have seen and I look forward to reading more.

  2. At least, unlike the Icelandic Volcano, she isn’t still blowing ash.

    Sorry, just couldn’t resist that

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